Rolling Green Rezone Petition RZ 18-21

Rolling Green Rezone Board of County Commission Hearing  Wednesday, April 24th 2019
Time to be scheduled by Sarasota County
The petitioner is requesting approval to rezone the subject property from RE-2 to RSF-2 to allow for the redevelopment of the subject property as a new in-fill residential development including a combination of detached and attached single-family homes. All existing structures are scheduled to be demolished.
Please write to the Planning Department to express your concerns and / or opposition to the proposed density increase. Email Planner and cc the County Commissioners.
Plan to attend the Board of County Commission Hearing to voice your concerns or just show up – WEAR YOUR DESOTO ACRES T-SHIRT OR A BRIGHT GREEN SHIRT, SCARF, ETC. TO SHOW YOU ARE PART OF THE DESOTO ACRES COMMUNITY OPPOSING THE REZONE.

Having strong resident representation carries a lot of weight on the Commission decision

Link to Sarasota County Staff Report on Rolling Green RZ18-21  Rezone1821RollingGreenGolf_Staff Report Section

The complete 511 page Sarasota County Staff Report on Rolling Green RZ18-21 is posted on the County Website.  Please use this link to access the full report. It takes a few moments to download.

Link to Rolling Green RZ18-21 Application Information RZ1821RollingGreenGolfCour

If you plan to speak, please address the facts of the proposed density increase.  If you can provide pictures or cite numbers to document the topic you are speaking about, even better.  A few topics, with available facts, are provided below.

  • Current zoning is RE-2 (one dwelling unit per acre).  The petition is to increase the density to RSF-2 (cluster / 3.5 dwelling units per acre ) for 487 units.  That’s a 350% increase.
  • The two entrances / exits are both on Tuttle Avenue.
  • The density increase will increase the peak Tuttle Avenue trip load by 87%, based on traffic standard calculations (currently 52 trips, the proposed community will generate 412 trips.  That’s 360 more trips during peak travel time.   Each day that represents, at minimum, 720 more vehicles going north and south on Tuttle during morning and evening rush hours.
  • Tuttle Avenue is currently rated by the County as “failed” as the road is over capacity.  Adding more vehicles to Tuttle Avenue, an already bad situation, is unreasonable.
  • The deteriorating Tuttle Avenue situation (increased traffic, decreased safety, etc.) has been documented by DeSoto Acres Association and residents over the past 6 or more years.  Our documentation has been provided to Commissioners and to County Staff.
  • Currently, during rush hours, cut through traffic in DeSoto Acres is bad.  With the addition of 720 more vehicles going North and South on Tuttle Avenue, cut through traffic will increase even more.
  • Existing residential communities along Tuttle Avenue between MKL and University Parkway were developed at the densities planned in the long-range comprehensive plan.  The current Rolling Green parcel zoning of RE-2 (one-house per acre) is in keeping with the long-range comprehensive plan.  The Planning Board and the Board of County Commissioners are NOT obligated to approve this proposed density increase.
  • North Sarasota County is one of the more established areas of the County. Infill with increased residential density does not address the underlying aspects of compatibility with the existing established residential communities and current infrastructure.
  • The developers purchased the land knowing the current zoning and the economics of one house per acre.  Increasing the density is to further benefit the developer, not our North County communities.
  • This development at the proposed density increase taxes the natural environmental systems of good water drainage and ground permeability.