REZONE 19-22: SE Corner of University Parkway and Tuttle Avenue


Hearing is rescheduled to November 2020

The hearing has again been rescheduled as a Benderson presenter has contracted the Covid virus.

Still plan to voice your view point at the virtual Board of County Commissioners Hearing rescheduled to November, 2020, date to be provided, at 9:00am or soon after, OR send in a letter by November 1st, 2020 to document your view point with the Board of County Commissioner’s.

The Rezone application is to amend the current binding-site plan on file with the County to a new binding site plan with stipulations.

The proposed site plan change shows an entry on Tuttle at 165’ from UP and the building positioned within the 50 foot rear set-back area.  This is not compliant with the University Parkway Corridor West Ordinance 096-076.

UP & Tuttle Proposed Site Plan

County Rezone 19-22 Package

Residents have continually voiced legitimate concern about the planned ingress/egress slated for Tuttle Avenue.  Any ingress / egress will not work with our current traffic which snarls and gridlocks all along Tuttle from University Parkway to DeSoto Rd, especially between the morning and afternoon rush hour times.  Residents asked Benderson to NOT plan on using Tuttle Avenue for ingress/egress at all, but rather connect with the required on-site frontage road (part of the binding-site plan).

Further, residents have continually noted to Benderson, the proposed site plan rear setbacks do not comply with the University Parkway Corridor West Ordinance 096-076 minimum of 50 feet.  The building is set around 30 feet from the residential property line with only a 10 foot landscape buffer.

We can’t let this rezone go through as proposed. This will set a precedent for future UP developments and will impact our property values. Please send in a letter or plan to attend the virtual BOCC Hearing.  It is important for our residents to show “in force” our opposition to this noncompliant rezone.

See the website under the “Community Information” tab for the “History of the University Parkway Corridor Planning and OPI/PD” for more information and links to Ordinance 096-076 University Parkway Corridor West.

We all work together to keep DeSoto Acres a great place to live.

Thank you,
DeSoto Acres Association, Inc.