County Proposed Sidewalks in DeSoto Acres

Sarasota County Public Works Staff has finalized their report and recommendation for Desoto Acres Area Sidewalks.  Their report covers areas East and West of Lockwood Ridge Rd.

The Staff recommended next steps regarding sidewalks West of Lockwood Ridge Rd  are detailed in their report on page 3.  Please click on this link to view the report –  2015 07 22 Staff Sidewalk Report to BOCC .

County Public Works’ Staff lists 6 next steps on page 3, clearly linked to resident input.  The top two next steps are: 1) Put the design on hold for the sidewalks along the streets west of the Lockwood Ridge Road and 2) Coordinate with Planning and Development Services on Lockwood Ridge Corridor and DeSoto Acres neighborhood plan, a Potential Critical Area Plan, as described in the Planning Department’s Critical Area Plan work program. Also, continue to coordinate with the representatives of DeSoto Acres Association.

The DeSoto Acres (DSA) Association recommended and supports putting the project on hold to coordinate with the upcoming North Lockwood Corridor Study and our own Community Planning.  See the link to the DSA Association Comment Letter at the bottom of this page.

DSA Association appreciates the residents input at the workshop and the county staff’s work to listen to resident input as shown in their report.

Current Status: This is an active County Capital Improvement Project. The Staff report, with recommendations / next steps, was sent to the Sarasota County Board of County Commission (BOCC) on July 22, 2015.   Per the County Sidewalk Staff’s response on Sept. 18, 2015 to DSA Board questions , the BOCC does not need to approved the recommendations / next steps, (therefore no public discussion). Funding for execution of this project East of Lockwood Ridge Road is allocated, “but we don’t know exactly (the amount) until construction bids come in”.     If the bids come in higher “than what was budgeted we probably have to wait for another year to rebid the project with additional funding in FY19 (Fiscal Year 2019).”  If additional funding is needed, then the BOCC will review the funding as part of the public budgeting process.  Your DSA Board is monitoring.

BACKGROUND: Sarasota County has proposed sidewalks in the DeSoto Acres Subdivision (West of Lockwood Ridge Road) on the following streets, located on the side indicated below:

  • Tuttle Avenue (from 61st St to Myrtle St) – East side of the street
  • DeSoto Road (from 301 to Lockwood Ridge Rd) – South side of the street
  • 47th Street (from Shade Ave to Lockwood Ridge Rd) – South side of the street
  • Shade Avenue (from DeSoto Road South to 47th St) – West side of the street

Sidewalk Location Visual

The County held a public meeting on Jan. 27, 2015 to gather input from DeSoto Acres Subdivision residents and residents along Tuttle Avenue from 47th St. to Myrtle St.  The following visuals were provided for public review and input.

EX-1 DeSoto Road West Sidewalk Location

EX-2 47th Street Sidewalk Location

EX-3 Tuttle Avenue Sidewalk Location

EX-4 Shade Avenue Sidewalk Location

TYP SEC 1 – Swale 1_Swale 1a

TYP SEC 2 – Strmw Pipe 1_Exsting Curb

TYP SEC 3 – Strmw Pipe 2_Swale 2

TYP SEC 4 – Typ Sec Exst Condit

There was a good turnout at the public workshop. Your input, plus letters and emails to the County Sidewalk Committee are an important part of the sidewalk evaluation process. To view the DeSoto Acres Association Board’s comment letter to the County Sidewalk Design Team click on the link.

Thank you for your engagement in DeSoto Acres.