County Proposed Sidewalks in DeSoto Acres

Sarasota County Public Works Staff plans to initiate DeSoto Acres Community workshops to continue planning for sidewalks on select streets in DeSoto Acres.  Per the County, the project is slated to start construction in 2023. Design and Engineering has not started.

Roads identified for sidewalks, on one side of the road are, Tuttle Avenue and DeSoto Rd.  The County has identified other roads in DeSoto Ares for sidewalks. A survey was sent to residents along these roads to determine if they want sidewalks or not.

BACKGROUND: Sarasota County has proposed sidewalks in the DeSoto Acres Subdivision (West of Lockwood Ridge Road) on the following streets, located on the side indicated below:

  • Tuttle Avenue (from 61st St to Myrtle St) – East side of the street
  • DeSoto Road (from 301 to Lockwood Ridge Rd) – South side of the street
  • 47th Street (from Shade Ave to Lockwood Ridge Rd) – South side of the street
  • Shade Avenue (from DeSoto Road South to 47th St) – West side of the street

Sidewalk Location Visual

The County held a public meeting on Jan. 27, 2015 to gather input from DeSoto Acres Subdivision residents and residents along Tuttle Avenue from 47th St. to Myrtle St.  The following visuals were provided for public review and input.

EX-1 DeSoto Road West Sidewalk Location

EX-2 47th Street Sidewalk Location

EX-3 Tuttle Avenue Sidewalk Location

EX-4 Shade Avenue Sidewalk Location

TYP SEC 1 – Swale 1_Swale 1a

TYP SEC 2 – Strmw Pipe 1_Exsting Curb

TYP SEC 3 – Strmw Pipe 2_Swale 2

TYP SEC 4 – Typ Sec Exst Condit

There was a good turnout at the public workshop. Your input, plus letters and emails to the County Sidewalk Committee are an important part of the sidewalk evaluation process. To view the DeSoto Acres Association Board’s comment letter to the County Sidewalk Design Team click on the link.

Thank you for your engagement in DeSoto Acres.