Accessory Dwelling Unit for Residential Estate (RE) Zoning Districts – Zoning Code Change

Sarasota County Ordinance No. 2019-024 Effective 9/25/2019 

Accessory Dwelling Unit Zoning Change

The revised Sarasota County Accessory dwelling unit (ADU) zoning code highlights are provided below.

  • The ADU is allowed in areas zoned Residential Estate.  DeSoto Acres is zoned Residential  Estate One (RE-1 – one house per two acres).
  • One ADU is permitted per lot.
  • The maximum  floor area is 750 sq ft.
  • The ADU may include a kitchen.
  • The ADU shall not count for density purposes.
  • The height shall not exceed the height of the principal structure.
  • The architectural style, roof style, building materials, exterior appearance and finish shall have a similar appearance to the principal structure.
  • More details are in the full ordinance.

To read the full ordinance, please click on this link: O2019-024SOS-Accessory-Dwelling-Unit