DeSoto Acres Resident Survey Results – July 2019

As the County conducts their review of DeSoto Acres based on residents’ input at the County sponsored Neighborhood workshops, the DeSoto Acres Association conducted a survey to obtain resident input on our community’s unique characteristics. This included a query on what is important, potential options to preserve what is important, and options to address traffic along our rural and arterial roads.

Survey Methodology

  • A paper survey was included in the DSA June newlstetter and was mailed to all DeSoto Acres resident property owners, a total of 327, per mailing addresses on the Sarasota County Property Appraiser’s website.  Property owners of multiple DeSoto Acres parcels received one survey.

Survey sample link

  • Each yellow card stock survey was numbered in order to track replies to ensure there would be no response duplication. The numbers are confidential and not accessible to the Association, Residents or General Public.
  • Residents had three ways to respond: by mail, email, or drop-off in a secure “survey drop-box” location.

Survey Results

33% (109) residents sent in their survey responses. This is a good response rate, in line with a typical “internal” survey response rate. 

Top three reason our residents choose to live in DeSoto Acres
(Ranked results – will not total 100%)
66% Large acreage
48% Location
44% Natural habitat (wildlife, trees, etc.)

Would you approve of DeSoto Acres as an independent community dedicated to preserving natural greenspace in an urban setting?
88% Yes
4% No
8% No response

Do you currently keep an area of your parcel as a natural greenspace/native habitat?
85% Yes
13% No
2% No response

Would you do any of the following to increase natural greenspace/native habitat/water flow on your parcel?
Plant native trees?
85% Yes
11% No
4% No response
Create habitat for native pollinators (bat boxes, friendly vegetation, etc.)
83% Yes
14% No
4% No response
Use permeable materials for driveways and walkways (encouraging rain water to underground drainage, using shell / gravel / pavers / etc )
82% Yes
13% No
5% No response

Would you approve of any of the following in DeSoto Acres?
• A traffic circle at 47th and Tuttle
57% Yes

39% No
4% No response
• Traffic calming, such as speed tables on our rural roads
63% Yes

33% No
4% No response
• Close Shade at University
41% Yes
55% No
4% No response
• Widening Tuttle to 4 Lanes
38% Yes
60% No
2% No response
• Pedestrian Crossings along Tuttle Ave
65% Yes

29% No
6% No response

Do you support increasing density per acre along west side of Lockwood Ridge between 61st and 47th St?
8% Yes
87% No
5% No response