DeSoto Acres Neighborhood Plan

Unique in Sarasota County, DeSoto Acres is the oldest subdivision established outside of Sarasota City limits.  Our neighborhood has seen the county grow up around our border presenting challenges to maintain our uniqueness.

DeSoto Acres Association and Residents worked with Sarasota County Development Department over the past couple years to put together a neighborhood plan to address these challenges.  The resulting DeSoto Acres Neighborhood Plan was approved by the Board of County Commissioners in June 2020.

The DeSoto Acres Neighborhood Documents can be viewed by clicking on the following links.

DeSoto Acres Neighborhood Plan Summary May 2020

BOCC Approved DeSoto Acres Neighborhood Plan_2020.06.03

DeSoto Acres Transportation Plan_Draft

Note: The Transportation Plan provides details on proposed sidewalks along DeSoto Rd and Tuttle Ave (see page 11 of the plan).