Rezone 19-22 at Tuttle / University Parkway – Approved


5-0 Board of County Commission (BOCC) approval of Benderson’s Rezone Petition. Commissioners: Moran, Maio, Cutsinger, Detert, and Ziegler

The University Parkway Corridor West Ordinance 096-076 stipulates the building 50 foot setback from the south residential Re-1 property line and access no closer than 245 feet of University Parkway.

The approved Ordinance 2020.046 allows two waivers, 1) the building is within the 50 foot set-back at 35 feet from the south RE-1 residential property line and 2) access closer than 245 feet of University Parkway at 160 feet south with a right-in and right-out only at the Tuttle driveway. Benderson proposed installing traffic bollards (separators) between the northbound through and right-turn lanes on Tuttle Ave, adjacent to the project. The expectation is the bollards will minimize/prevent U-turns on Tuttle going south and cross cutting at the intersection going North on Tuttle from the property. The County requested removal of the proffered bollards as too expensive to maintain, sacrificing safety. The BOCC approved this removal.

For the south property line adjacent to the DeSoto Acres Residential RE-1, Benderson proffered an 8-foot tall wall (from current ground elevation), 2-feet taller than required by the Corridor Plan with landscape buffers enhanced above the Corridor Plan requirements. Benderson indicated in the BOCC hearing on Nov 18, 2020, the building use is for medical offices.

The DeSoto Acres Association did not support either waiver as the Corridor Plan works and does not need any waivers. Benderson’s large building footprint defined the large parking area, pushing building placement within the 50-foot setback. DeSoto Acres Association and residents sent in multiple letters voicing their opposition. Sarasota County staff did not support the access waiver for safety considerations and as noted in the Planning Commission Hearing Manatee County also indicated their objection to the access placement waiver. Despite this opposition the BOCC approved the Ordinance.

The Rezone Petition 096-076 packet information links are below..

UP & Tuttle Proposed Site Plan

County Rezone 19-22 Package

Your Association continues to monitor developments along University Parkway working with residents adjacent to the University.

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